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Learning Sharing of Students in 1A

    “Did you miss school? That was one of my first questions for 1 A last week. To my surprise, the collective answer was loud and clear: “Yes!” Excited and determined, 1A started the new semester strong by demonstrating their amazing presentation skills when celebrating Dr. Suess’s birthday: they were able to retell the stories they had read at home and express their opinions using their own words.

    This week, in Math and Science, the kids have also had unique experiences: they used the survey method to collect some data from their classmates and then organized it using various ways of data classification. Thus, in Math, 1A students found out their favorite school subjects and foods and, in order to present this data, they used bar graphs and tally charts. 

    They also managed to connect Science and Math: the students conducted a survey asking their classmates about their favorite activity to do on a sunny day and then organized all the responses in the form of a bar graph. 

    While learning how to apply different forms of data classification and presentation in a real life context, 1A students also had a lot of fun learning more about their friends’ interests and preferences!

    Awesome start overall! In 1A, we are looking forward to rest of this beautiful spring semester!