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The Immersed Classroom Teaching of International High

    Collaborative learning involves creating an environment that affords students with an opportunity to think critically towards problem solving. It fosters lifelong learning as students are able to take charge of their learning. Students also improve their communication skills as they present their solutions. 



    In the international HS, through the OSSD program, we focus on building higher order thinking skills (HOTs) which are relevant for success in universities and colleges as well as the workplace environment. Here is a sneak peek into our Grade 10 math class where students worked collaboratively in groups to develop a learning content on an aspect of Trigonometry. They summarized the result of their research findings by way of a poster and are eagerly looking forward to presenting this in class next week Monday.

    Today we previewed the knowledge of 4-4 in math class, learned sine law and cosine law .The teacher divided us into different groups for teamwork. We learned this course through self-study. The teacher appointed the students with excellent performance or team ability as group leaders and asked them to play a leading role. Each group needs to make a poster to write down the knowledge learned in this class, and then make a group presentation.These two classes let us learn a lot, through a diversification of ways to knowledge. Of course, we gain more than just knowledge. Through this course, the group leaders have improved their leadership, learned how to unite and communicate, and enhanced their friendship with each other. Making posters in this way also allowed us to increase our creativity and learn from the fun.