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Immersive Science Classroom

    Science is not just about knowing, it is also about doing. In fact, science is the process of trying to understand the world. In order to understand deeper, students have to interact with materials around them in a variety of ways. The more engaged students are within these interactions, the better they learn and understand the world.

    Practical work affords students opportunities to be engaged and practice science skills as they interact with materials. Active engagement also caters for kinesthetic learners who require physical activity to learn by offering them opportunities for movement and touch during practical work in science. 

    This enables such learners understand science concepts better.  Providing opportunities for students to interact with materials and practice science skills ensures students are not passive but active and involved in their own learning. 


    Recently, science teacher Collins taught the international high school about how to use biology microscope. The students were discussing in groups, we have assembled the microscope, put the cover glass of animal cells on the display platform, and slowly adjust the focus and height. In a short time, a brand-new world will appear in front of us. The marble like wrinkles and zigzag lines all show the vitality of life and the unique tension of the micro world, blood red The combination of silk and protein is so disorderly and orderly, just like flowers blooming in the age, the vitality and color of life are displayed incisively and vividly at this moment.