Middle School /

Wonderful Elective Courses

    As students in the International Middle School program, your children will have the opportunity to select their own elective. We currently offer: Spanish, Visual Art, and Drama to our students!

    In Visual Arts, the students are learning how to utilize the “deconstructive method”. Here the students use not traditional mediums such as melted crayon, splattered paint, tape transfers and even food to express themselves artistically!


    In Drama, the students collaborate in creating mime sequences, learn to create “tableaux” which are still images used in theatre to tell a story, and prepare monologues which help them hone vital presentation skills!


    In Spanish, students practice speaking a third language in fun group activities and integrate Shuren’s unique classroom technology.



    The International Middle School program is committed to providing our students with elective choices that not only grow the artist inside of them, but the “global citizen” as well.