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How did 3A students celebrate the Earth Day?

    Wow! What an exciting and busy week it has been in the 3A classroom. This week we have been busy completing some of our midterm tests. The students have been working diligently to complete their tests with all the knowledge they have learned over the past 8 weeks. It has been an interesting term so far in the 3A classroom and the students have learned a lot. Some of their favorite topics include the Solar System and the Stars. The students even got to make their own Solar System diagrams in week 6.



    This week we also celebrated Earth Day. The students were so excited for this day all week! They prepared special Earth Day poems and practiced them throughout the week. Earth Day is an important day that is dedicated to bringing awareness to our Earth and how we can protect it. On Earth Day, students got to learn many interesting things. Students learned about challenges that our Earth faces such as pollution and deforestation. It is important for the students to be aware of these issues from a young age so that they can make conscious decisions that can help our Earth now and in the future.



      The students not only learned important information about our Earth, they also had lots of fun! Students made outfits out of recycled materials and had a fashion show! They also got to play a trash sorting game which helped the students understand how important it is to sort their trash. It was a day filled with learning and fun and all of the students thoroughly enjoyed it.