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Respect Intellectual Work, and Protect Intellectual Rights

4月25日 国旗下演讲

Good morning, students and teachers!   

    World Intellectual Property Day was set up by World Intellectual Organization on April 26th 2001, and afterwards, April 26th was set as the “World Intellectual Property Day”, aiming to build people’s awareness of respecting knowledge, worshipping science and protecting the Intellectual property, and create such an evironment as encouraging the intellectual innovation and knowledge protection.

    Intellectual Property is about the specific rights of intellectual outcome after practical efforts by human beings. With the development of science, in order to protect the intellectual’s rights, Intellectual Property Systems come into being and develop step by step. In the 21st century, Intellectual Property is closely related to human life. Intellectual Property is everywhere, we can see its importance in the business competition in particular.

    Intellectual Property Rights can be divided into Industrial Property Rights and Copyrights.

    For example, the Brand Rights which we are quite familiar with belongs to the Industrial Property Rights. If we want to get the Brand Rights, we must fullfil the Brand Registration Procedure first and follow the principle that application comes first.

    Copyrights is a kind of civil rights of literature, arts and scientific works enjoyed by the original creaters based on the relative laws.

    Patent rights and patent protection refer to the exclusive right to an invention-creation within a specified period of time granted to the patent applicants after application is submitted to the State Patent Office and passed the examination according to law.

    Hereby, 4A students advocate that we should respect and protect the Intellectual Property Rights!