Kindergarten /

Interesting Science Course

    This week in the International K3 Science class the students looked at what different landforms look like on Earth. The students were excited to create their own landform as a Science project.  They used plastic containers and lids outside with some sand that they found and mixed it with water to create different landforms. They enjoyed getting their hands dirty while having fun and learning at the same time. Each project turned out beautifully.

    The International K2 class has been exploring different forms of matter. This week they learned about the heating and cooling of matter. They did some fun experiments. The students left some water in the freezer over night and predicted what would happen to it. The following day they checked and saw that the water had froze and formed ice blocks. The students we amazed at what had happened. They learned that a liquid can change its form from a liquid to a solid.  They then put the ice cubes in the sun for an hour and saw that the heat from the sun melted the ice cubes and it formed water again. The students love to do experiments and learn through exploration while having fun!