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Interesting English Class 

    This week in the Language Arts classes, students have been learning new skills to use when speaking and writing in English. In grade 3, students learned about various different hobbies and reviewed a story about a boy who wants to be an artist. They also learned about using irregular verbs. 


    In grade 4, students have been learning about different patterns that can be found in clothing.  Students were also asked to design their own pattern that could be used on a pair of pants. The story they have been learning is about a boy and his grandfather who buy a nice pair of pants with a red, plaid pattern. The grade 4 students have also been learning about some antonyms, and different types of fabrics.

     In grade 5, the students have been reading about a hermit who can change the color of the leaves on the trees. They have also been learning about how verbs can change when used in different tenses.

    Each of the bilingual Language Arts classes are divided in to groups. Throughout the week students were practicing their spelling. They have been competing daily amongst each other and in their groups. Students compete for points and stickers which can be exchanged for rewards once enough have been accumulated.