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 An incredible year for class 3A

    Wow! What an incredible year it has been in the 3A classroom. The students began their third-grade journey in September and each month since has been filled with new adventures and experiences. 

    We have learned a lot and the students have grown exponentially over the course of the year. We began the semester learning about the world around us and different habitats. We worked as a class to explore what each of these habitats looked like and the nature around us. During this theme we incorporated a beautiful fall leaf craft, this was one of the student’s favorite moments from semester one!

    Semester two began by exploring different cultures on Earth and our Solar System. This taught the students all about the world, both on Earth and outside of Earth! This was an exciting theme and the students loved discussing this during class time.

    Our year of learning has been consolidated over the past two weeks as the students sat their final exams. All the students have been working hard and trying their best on each exam. They have done excellently and their determination and diligence throughout the year has really paid off. The students are ready for a well-deserved break and to have some fun during the summer vacation. From September to July there has been profound growth in many areas, both academically and socially. The students have become mature, independent, and curious global citizens. What an excellent year!