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Powerful country in science and technology, I will be in the future



Dear teachers and students:

    Every bit of history is like the stars in the vast starry sky. I brush it quietly, looking at the gorgeous and precious wealth. Sometimes I look up at the brightest star, making a wish silently and flying my heart quietly. The Chinese dream roams in my heart.

    The bright Milky Way flows the five thousand years of towering China. From Pangu's pioneering days to today's advanced science and technology, I have read a lot, heard a lot and seen a lot. Every Chinese has the same Chinese dream. The Chinese dream flows through every day and night and every Chinese heart."Chinese dream, powerful country dream!" also lingers in my ear all the time.

    Technology makes dreams come true. After the unremitting efforts of several generations of scientists, "Shenshi" took off to pick up the "heavenly palace", "Chang'e" flew to explore the moon, "Jiaolong" searched for the Dragon Palace in the deep sea, and the aircraft carrier showed its national prestige. When bursts of applause thundered, and when the whole world looked up to China, I knew that China's light had been emitted in every corner of the earth. The Chinese dream continues, and our motherland will bear fruitful results again.

    This is a dream, a Chinese dream, a dream concerned by every Chinese. With respect, I looked up to every  struggling figure in the scientific and technological community, leaned towards the foot sound of the Chinese dream, raised my hand and saluted, and couldn't help shouting my Chinese dream.

    The sun is bright. I stand under the blue sky and white clouds and look at the gradually prosperous and powerful motherland in front of me. With a strong heart, a glory and a memory in mind, I put my hand on my chest and encourage myself: cherish the Chinese dream, study hard and silently offer your meager strength to create a better future for China!