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The first button in life

Dear teachers and dear students:

    Good morning!

    Our general Secretary Grandpa Xi put forward new requirements for us, "buckle the first button of life". What does this mean?Does everyone wear their own clothes?What if your first button is wrong?......Yes, the first button is wrong, the rest of the buttons will be wrong, wrong, wrong step by step.Visible, take the first step is how important, for the whole life, the students in the first step, is to buckle the first button.Students, we are in a critical period of the formation of values, which is like wearing clothes. If the first button is wrong, the rest of the buttons will be wrong.The first button is the value choice of our life ideal and made.So, the buttons of life from the beginning.

    Writer Liu Qing once said, " The road to life is long, but it only takes a few steps, especially when people are young."There is also a proverb in the West:" It ends how life begins."How to buckle the" first button " of life?How to take the first step in yourstudent days?Decide whether a person can take a good road of life, but also every generation of young people must answer a good life question.

    So how should we buckle the "first button" of life?Give you eight words "diligent, repaired, discerning, honest, solid".

    "Studying hard" refers to being diligent and sensitive to knowledge. We should not only form their own opinions, internalize the knowledge learned in the heart, but also care about family, teachers, friends, people in need of help, and externalize these knowledge in practice.Knowledge is strength, knowledge for learning, important in diligence, expensive in study, important in persistence.

     "Repair", our growth requires not only the accumulation of knowledge and skills, but also the nourishment of moral rain and the shaping of good conduct.We should not only develop the "great virtue" of serving the motherland, contributing to the society and serving the people, but also learn to work, learn to work hard, learn to be grateful, learn to help others, learn humility, learn tolerance, learn to introspection, self-discipline, and steadfastly repair their own conduct.

    "Identification", the current information age has brought us an unprecedented broad vision, but also let us face unprecedented temptation and challenges. When the right and wrong information and ideological trends interweave to us, we should firmly grow along the track of "upward and good" life.

     "Honesty" is " on the paper to finally feel shallow, absolutely know this matter to practice."When we encounter no problems in the study, the class work encountered problems between the students, in the face of the temptation of computer TV, can unremittingly, solid to complete, to carry out their own goals and work, this is the earnest action.It cannot be achieved without effort and perseverance.

    Most of the time, we wear the first button of clothes buckle wrong, big deal buckle again, but once the button of life buckle wrong, is can not come again.We might as well learn from the ancients, "I save three days my body", from time to time to yourself to do a "comprehensive inspection", to see oneself in the first button buckle wrong, check whether they are in life on the road of crooked.Correct the mistakes if you have committed them, and guard against them if you have not.

    We have finished speaking under the national flag, thank you!