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A lively math class

     We say that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. This week, our Year 11 students of Shuren International School were asked to do outdoor mathematic experiments by their foreign math teacher, Miriam. The aim of this experiment was to find out the relationship between time and water temperature. Students recorded the figures and did experiments carefully by using experimental tools such as cups and glass-stem thermometers.

    The purpose of experiment is to stimulate students’ interests.  Teachers need to motivate students to solve problems instead of telling the results and the mathematical formulas to them directly. In order to improve students’ abilities of application and creativity, teachers should ask them to find out rules and explore truths themselves.

    In traditional education,teachers are always introducing mathematical formulas to students directly, so we can find that students only use mathematical formulas to calculate, they are unable to understand the concepts and essences of key points.

    Our teaching concept is to find out the theories by practice, so that students can memorize the rules and formulas deeply. It also stimulated interests in students’ academic studies.

    There are many outstanding students who are interested in science and engineering in Grade 12, Tony Luo is one of them. He has participated in international competitions of physics and mathematics for many times and won prizes. He also gained scholarship in our school last year. He has already received three offers from different universities. Tony who just got an offer from Sydney University last week, received another two offers. They are from University of Birmingham and University of Leeds.

    University of Birmingham was ranked second of science and engineering universities in England. It is also one of the 100 top universities in the World. There were 11 Nobel Prize Winners, 3 British Prime Ministers and 5 Leaders of other countries graduated from the University of Birmingham. Tony has an opportunity to be a part of them.  Let's congratulate him on his great results!

    We have made lots of achievements in academic education because of Shuren teachers’ professional skills and determination. We hope to use our excellent teaching concepts and techniques to help more and more students in the future!
    At last, there is an exciting news!
    Our Year 12 student, Tom just received his first offer from The University of Adelaide. The University of Adelaide is also one of the 100 top universities in the World.