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This week we started a school vegetable garden! 

    This week we started a school vegetable garden! We devoted our week to learning about planting, plants’ life cycles, and their needs. It was a whole International Department event: each grade, K-G9,  received some vegetable seeds, watering cans,and spades to be fully equipped for planting vegetables.

    Homeroom teachers in each grade discussed with their students how to plant the seeds properly, what needs to be done in order for them to grow, and how to take care of the new plants that will hopefully show up pretty soon. For example, before going outside to plant the seeds, 1A and 1B read a story, A Seed Grows, that illustrates what happens to a seed when it falls to the ground. Teacher Brad,the homeroom teacher of 2A, showed his students how deep they need to dig in the soil before throwing the seeds in. Teacher Yolanda discussed with her 4Astudents what responsibilities they will have after planting the seeds.

    School wide planting is not just a fun hands-on activity the kids enjoyed doing outside. Gardening is the study of life. The simple act of caring for living soil and plants gives children a foundation for the understanding the principles of birth, growth, maturity, cooperation, and many other lessons that transfer to human lives. Moreover, the research has shown that nature makes us smarter: the kids that had participated in all sorts of gardening programs had greater increases in working memory and greater reductions in inattentiveness!

    School gardens are places where children can work out their relationships, learn boundaries, practise storytelling, and develop empathy. We are happy to have such an amazing place at Shuren!