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To Be A Civilized Man And Behave Civilized

      Good morning. Dear teachers and students

      The theme of our speech under the National Flag today is to be a civilized man and behave civilized。

    As we all know, China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world and a country of traditional etiquette.

    The daily code of conduct for middle school students clearly requires that modern middle school students should be polite to others, abide by rules and discipline, and be strict with themselves.

    If someone asks: the key to a person's success is to have a good habit, or to have a good grade?

    I think most people will say: of course, habits are more important.

    So how to be a civilized and disciplined middle school student? What is civilization? Let me tell you a story first:

    A mother is riding a bicycle with her young daughter.

    The child accidentally dropped his biscuit on the ground.

    The mother immediately stopped the car and whispered to her daughter, "come on, let's throw it into the dustbin."

    Then she took the child down and bent down to pick up the broken biscuits on the ground.

    It is such an ordinary scene that people can't help but think of a sentence: quality is a habit.

    Think about it, isn't it true?

     No matter how civilized the mother or the child is, perhaps the answer has been given in this detail.

    Fellow students, after listening to this story, we can see how important civilization is to a country, a nation and a person.

    We can also see that civilization is actually very close to us. It is in our daily life and in our words and deeds. We can also see that civilization is a kind of morality, a kind of cultivation and a kind of realm.

    Civilization is the smile when we meet on the road, the warm help of our classmates when they are in trouble, the kindness when we get along with others at ordinary times, the early greeting when we see our teachers, the "sorry" when we accidentally bump into each other, the act of consciously putting garbage into the dustbin, and the initiative to stop when we see someone violating discipline

    We know that only when students in a school have good civilized habits can they build a good learning environment and create good academic achievements.

    Now, we are in the most critical exploration period in our life. What we do in this period will imperceptibly affect our own psychological quality, and civilized behavior is helping us improve our own psychological quality and improve our own moral quality.

    If we don't pay attention to the construction of our own moral quality at this time, even if we have rich scientific and cultural knowledge, What is the use to others, to oneself and to society?

    Therefore, we should become adults first and then talents. Instead of being a machine that only grasps some knowledge and skills, we should become a person with harmonious physical and mental development.

    Civilization is the frontier of our quality. With civilization, we have the most precious spiritual wealth in the world.

    This concludes our speech. Thank you for listening.