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艺术课堂,绽放美育之花 | 树人小学部艺术课堂探访系列(4)






      The mysterious Metepec Sun Faces are an ancient form of Mexican folk art that originated in the city of Metepec, Mexico. The figures are made from terracotta or cornhusk, and decorated with colorful paints, feathers, and other elements. The figures depict a sun with a face that can range from sorrowful to joyful and can even include a jaguar motif to represent strength and defiance.


      Metepec Sun Faces have a long history and have been around for many centuries, but the exact origin of them is a bit of a mystery. It is believed that they are linked to an ancient Aztec ritual that was used to celebrate the rising of the sun. The ritual was used to honor the sun god, and the figures were used to represent the god himself.


     The Sun Faces are also used to decorate homes and churches in Mexico and are prized by many locals. The decorative pieces embody the beauty and culture of Mexico, and they are often used to bring a special touch of tradition to a room. They aren't just decorative. They can also be seen as symbols of protection, reminding those who pass by that god watches over them.


      The children were interested in learning about a different culture’s ancient art. The Metepec Sun Faces were technically challenging and required the students to put all the knowledge they had gathered about working with clay into practice. Overall, the students had a lot of fun creating a sun face they felt represented them as the sun faces are meant to represent a person’s heritage and where they originated.


      Each Sun Face is unique, and the designs vary from figure to figure. They are often painted with a variety of colors and are made to depict different anthropomorphic figures.


      The Metepec Sun Faces are beloved by many, as they exude an aura of mystery and beauty that can't be found anywhere else. They aren't just a museum piece, but rather an enduring symbol of Mexican folklore and tradition.And the rich inner world and imagination of our children are the most precious gifts.