About Shuren



School Profile / School Introduction

      Beijing Shuren-Ribet School was founded in 1993, is one of the oldest private schools in Beijing. Shuren has kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school, enrolling both Chinese and international students. Shuren’s campus is located on the Beijing sub-center Songzhuang artist village, Tongzhou District with the area of 57000 square meters. Shuren regards “personalized education and international development” as our goal, and “explore and streamline the Chinese fundamental education” as our mission. Shuren has constantly and deeply integrated the Chinese traditional courses and the international program together, explored many international partnerships with mainly American schools, established an American Shuren Base, and formed a Shuren featured education system. 

Education Qualification

• Primary school, Junior High School and Senior High School Education Certificates  (the Education Bureau of Beijing City, June 1993)

• International high school diploma project school: International Baccalaureate Organization (IBMYP) November 1999

• School - Preschool Education Tongzhou District Education Bureau in April 2001

• Permission to hire foreign experts teachers by the State Bureau since  April 2003

• To accept foreign students and school (Beijing City Board of Education since August 2003)

• The American high school education WASC candidate accredited school (the United States Western Association of schools and colleges at the end of 2011)

Previous Awards
September 2005:  
Chinese Private Education Innovation and Contribution to the Development of the schools awarded by: Chinese Adult Education Association, Chen Xiangmei prize of UNESCO Office

December 2005
2005Beijing Public Satisfaction of Private Schools.Awarded by the China Education Institute of Management Science, "Chinese education management" magazine

July 2006 
National Advanced School Units awarded by Chinese Education Research Association

The July 2008 
Earthquake Relief in Sichuan Children Love Schoolawarded by China Children's Foundation

The July 2008 
Earthquake Disaster Children Love Aid ABA School (Aba Prefecture of Sichuan Province Government)

In December 2010 
The People's Livelihood Advanced Social Organization(the Civil Affairs Bureau of Tongzhou District Beijing city)

December 2011 
Advanced Social OrganizationCivil Affairs Bureau ofTongzhou District Beijing City

December 2012 
Advanced Social Organization Civil Affairs Bureau ofTongzhou District Beijing city

December 31, 2015
AAAA Social Organization Level, Tongzhou Civil Affairs Office 2015 Evaluation

Major Honors of President Wang Jianchao:

July, 2006 “100 Excellent Headmaster of China” (issued by China Education Research Association)

December, 2008 “The Seventh National Top Ten Chunlei Educator” (issued by the National Women Federation and China Children and Teenager Foundation)

May, 2009 “China Children Charity Award” (issued by the National Women Federation)

July, 2011 “China Children Charity Award” (issued by the National Women Federation and China Children and teenager Foundation)

November, 2011 “Finalist of the Most Touching Figure in 30 years of Chinese Children Charity” (issued by China Children and teenager Foundation)

September,2012 “Excellent Headmaster Award of the Sixth Beijing Private School Educator Awards”

September, 2013 “Excellent Headmaster Award of the Seventh Beijing Private School Educator Awards”

December, 2014 “Fragrance of the Spring Bud Program” (issued by the China Children and Teenager Foundation)

September, 2015  “Excellent Headmaster Award of the Ninth Beijing Private School Educator Awards”

October, 2015  “Excellent Educator of Beijing Private Primary and Middle School of 2015”

September, 2016  “Excellent Headmaster Award of the Tenth Beijing Private School Educator Awards”