Kindergarten / Kindergarten

    Shuren-Ribet Kindergarten is a full-time program, which is located on the Shuren campus and uses Shuren-Ribet education resources as the basis. It was founded by You Suxiang, the former principal of Beijing Normal University Experimental Primary School, and Cao Meichan, the directress of the Beijing Nationalities University Kindergarten. Shuren Kindergarten enrolls both Chinese and foreign children from age 3 to 6. Shuren Kindergarten upholds the school’s mission of "individualized education and international development" in accordance with the international standard of kindergarten management. It is built with kid-centered spirit, integrated the essence of both Chinese and western pre-school education, and hires professional Chinese and international teachers.

    Kindergarten Bilingual Program is featured with “happy learning, immersive English teaching and science enlightenment”. Each class is staffed with 2 teachers and 1 dorm mom. We use multi-themed and inquiry-based teaching methods to encourage children to ask questions, to discover and to practice, to form good habits and foster well-balanced personalities, and lay a good foundation to become a future lifelong-learner. Shuren’s beautiful campus environment enables students a direct access to the nature. 

    Kindergarten graduates could transfer to the Shuren Primary School. In order to facilitate the children's choice of school after graduation, and ease the children's non-adaptation period before entering primary school, Shuren Kindergarten and the Primary School also set up a Pre-Primary class to let the children improve themselves under the guidance of excellent primary school teachers.