Primary School /

    Shuren-Ribet Primary School provides academic education to students from grade1 to 6 with full facilities and distinctive teaching features.

    Shuren Primary School Bilingual Program aims at “individualized education and international development”. It focuses on developing students’ learning and skills, classes are taught bilingually in Chinese and English. The Chinese curriculum is implemented in accordance with the Chinese Primary School Outline, adopting textbooks stipulated by the Ministry of Education; with using American school textbooks to extend students’ learning of English. The proportion of foreign teachers and English teaching classes is approximately 35% of the total class time.

    Bilingual Primary School offers school courses such as Sinology, Science, Physique, Taekwondo, Yoga, and Calligraphy. We also provide various extracurricular activities such as arts, calligraphy, dance, piano, singing, table tennis, swimming, roller skating and so on. Students' interest and comprehensive skills in the art, music, science and logic thinking are cultivated and developed, it’s greatly welcome by parents of students.

    Graduates of the Bilingual Primary School can enjoy a prior access to the Shuren Bilingual Middle School.