International Education



American Base /

  • Established in 1995

    In 1995, Shuren established its first American Base in Sacramento, CA for Shuren students to live in while participating local studying or exchanging programs.
  • Location

    Shuren's base is located on the east suburb area of Sacramento with an open view and nice weather. The community has all kinds of facilities and it’s stable and safe.
  • Equipments

    The base is a typical American two-story house with 6 bedrooms, where can accommodate 2 to 6 students. It`s equipped with TV, PCs, audio system, wifi, lundry machine, dryer, hot water and air condition system.
  • Entertainment

    In addition, Shuren base also has a swimming pool and multiple work out equipments for students to do sports, and there are considerable number of books stored on the shelves. There are also 2 MPVs to drive Shuren students.