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  • International Middle School

    Shuren International Middle School is the high-level link in the Shuren international K-12 program. We combine the American middle school curriculum with the essence of the Chinese advanced middle school curriculum; create an English immersive learning environment for young people aged 12 to 14 thro...
  • American Middle School Curriculum

    Shuren International Middle School adopts American AERO curriculum standards and uses American textbooks and materials in class. Four subjects are taught by foreign teachers: English literature, mathematics, science, and social science; in the meanwhile we provide Chinese Literature, math and scienc...
  • All-day Foreign Homeroom Teacher

    Shuren International Middle School hires foreign homeroom teachers who have the qualification to teach middle school in the United States to teach English literature, mathematics, science, and social science. Homeroom teacher will also be responsible to the class management and student discipline.
  • Immersive English Learning Environment

    In Shuren International Middle School, each class has 15 students, staffed with a foreign homeroom teacher and 2 Chinese teachers. The teacher-student ratio is 1:5. We strictly implement the American middle school curriculum and organize a large amount of hands on learning activities. We create an i...