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  • 国际高中部 | 科学月“Touch the beauty of Science”主题活动

    国际高中部 | 科学月“Touch the beauty of Science”主题活动
  • Customized International High School

    Shuren Ribet International High School implements Canadian OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) curriculum and works with Rosedale Academy for student from Grade 9 to 12. Through our global collaboration model, students that study at a Shuren Ribet are afforded all of the same benefits of an Onta...
  • Designing your future

    This essential student success course guides students to examine post-secondary options based on their skills, interests, and personal motivations. Students will explore the realities and opportunities of the workplace and examine factors that affect their success in different careers. Through the c...
  • Individual Growth Plan

    The Individual Growth Plan (IGP) is a signature student success service of Rosedale at Shuren’s Campus. Guided by interactive activities, it helps students develop a plan that outlines what career and academic goals they want to accomplish and what steps they can take to meet those goals. It is a t...
  • Greater Access to Top Universities

    Graduates of the Shuren International High school are able to apply to Canadian and global universities as students attending Canadian schools and experience fewer barriers during the application process. As an added benefit, students in Rosedale Academy partner school programs automatically gain co...